Currently, the demand for forces religious native speakers in the field is quite large, but the quality, skills and teaching experience is very headache problem that the principal, schools must put large question mark.

LET'S LEARN ENGLISH CENTRE  prooud to be the recruitment, management and provides foreign teachers, Vietnamese teachers high quality for schools, businesses and individuals ring. Moreover, to block  school, we were partners provides foreign teachers for high schools throughout the school year, all provinces and cities across the country . With the recruitment process and strict management, LET'S LEARN ENGLISH CENTRE committed to provide team teacher and the program best suited to improve the quality of schools.

cung cap giao vien nuoc ngoai trung hoc dai hoc

Providing quality teaching resources:

- 100%  foreign teachers come from English-speaking countries (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand ...).

- Teachers with English teaching qualifications are recognized worldwide.

- Rich in experience, professional style and excellent teaching skills.

Human Resource Management:

- The legal procedures of the teachers are made and guaranteed by LET'S LEARN ENGLISH CENTRE

- We implement the quality policy synchronization from teacher to school.

- Calendar teaching sorted suit the needs of each school.

- Diversity of programs suitable field of school education: Economic Bloc - business; Block technology - technical; Mass media - culture ...

Program management:

- The curriculum is designed flexibly, in line with the objectives and requirements of the school and students.

- Methods to create dynamic teaching brings the best performance to the students.

Benefit package

Package 1:  Provide foreign teachers teach full time (Full-time)

- The number of teaching hours: Minimum of 7 / week or more.

- Provide native teachers   at the request of the school's teaching schedule.

- Cost: Packages (Please contact).

Package 2: Provide foreign teachers up part-time (part-time)

- Negotiation of salary and contract work, basic training for   teachers.

- Consulting to introduce foreign teachers

- Providing teacher native teaching at the school.

- Cost: Calculated on teaching hours (please contact us).


For inquiries please contact:


Add: 65 Lac Long Quan, Ward 1, District 11, HCMC

Tel: 0909 60 55 44/0982 00 10 24


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