English for Communication

Solid English foundation give you the confidence to communicate in the workplace and integration into the world education. Syllabus for LET'S LEARN ENGLISH CENTER built on a method of learning and communication training to help you feel properly marked progress after each school day. Ability to understand right, properly understood, is not confused, not guesswork. The program helps students use English more fluently and more confident, ready for steady progress in work and life.

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Training Objectives

Build a solid foundation in English to help students meet the communication needs of the working environment and confidently integrate with the world of education.

Giving students confidence in learning, developing and fostering the language skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing and easily reach high achievements in international exams such as TOEIC, IELTS or TOEFL iBT.

Teaching methods

Textbook publishers Oxford latest successful deployment in countries around the world;

Vivid teaching methods to attract students to the rich interactive activities with the support of multimedia software to help students become more nimble in communication.

Classes conducted by trainers Vietnam native and experienced teacher, with higher professional qualifications and knowledge of international business communication is responsible, focus on each student.

When participating in the class - speak English:

Help for the most timid students still have the ability to speak English.

Improve fluency, confidence for the practitioners to communicate in English

Discussions, presentations, rhetoric appealing themes and fun

Interactive learning with LCD projector Projector

Listening - Speaking communicate via the Video Clip lively, attractive

Guiding methods improve listening comprehension (Listening Comprehension)

The points system essential grammar in effective speaking.

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