Learn English varieties jogging, do not need talent

Many people think themselves hopeless in improving foreign language skills. Fortunately, that is absolutely wrong.

Many say, want to learn a foreign language well and quickly, there must be gifted, sometimes learn also not bring good results. The claim is made that even clearer if it comes from those who have failed to learn the English program at the school, or have "experienced" repeated bad miss in the English language centers. They're probably thinking that itself was hopeless in improving foreign language skills.

Fortunately, that is absolutely wrong. You do not need to do any new talents can learn foreign languages ​​in general good, have the ability to communicate fluently in English in particular.

Humans are born with the ability to learn languages

It's basic functions. Only the few who are recognized as never use one language (for example, the case of Victor of Aveyron Genie or). They are extremely rare case in the vast majority of people use language to communicate with each other.

If you can read what I write, which means you have to know at least one language, and absolutely can repeat that success with another language.

I have absolutely no talent for foreign languages ​​but I was quite a success in learning and using English.

I know some of the characters have to learn the language skills, such as Nguyen Hoang Khanh's case - who have the ability to communicate to 7, 8 languages, or Do Nhat Nam was eloquent in English when she was 13 fresh.

In special cases that I know about is Professor Kenneth Hale - a teacher at MIT reputation with the ability to communicate fluently to 50 languages, and it only takes 15 days to learn a new language. I am sure that he is not one of those special cases.

First thing, a good English school in the usual way that is required to practice hard. I was struggling a lot in recent years.

I started to spend some time studying English seriously in 2009, every day use from 2, 3 hours to practice speaking during 6 months. Then I chose to become an English tutor to maintain their communication environment.

Go now, I can confirm that if you can spend time funds from 6 months to a year to specialized training center, you can fully speak English like me, or even more distant.

Keep in mind that it is not talent, but the hard training.

Many people must have complained that there are no 2, 3 hours a day to learn English. But if you maintain the routine use of 20 to 30 minutes a day to practice, the final say you can still communicate in English fluently.

The second thing, I spent 3 years high school (grades 10 to 12) to learn French, and almost did not learn anything. Then, in the graduate program, I had the opportunity to learn a foreign language is that the German, but also failed. You see, if I have the aptitude to learn a foreign language, then surely I learned French and German is easy, right?

tl_files/Upload-here/TIN TUC/hoc-tieng-anh-giong-chay-bo-khong-can-nang-khieu.jpgYou need to have a fund of time (however small) for learning English and maintain regularity.

Everyone has the ability to learn any language

I always believed that learning a language is like taking part in regular physical activity, rather than formal learning at school as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

When talking about the barriers of physical exercise, whether you dare to claim: "I'm not jogging gifted"? Surely not. Everyone has the ability to run and running is not the categories of talent, it is a basic function of human and everyone has that.

You do not need to read and research to improve health. If you want to run better every day, you should practice running regularly, and maintain in the long run.

About a year ago, I first walk organized for 30 people with a distance of 40 km in the program walk while speaking English (English On the Move). Nearly all participating students complete surprise to many on the ability to walk and use my English.

After the trip, the lesson that each member learned that patience. Patience in the exercise, patience in learning English.

One obvious thing is to walk and learning English is not entirely the same. But consider a more general way, I think you absolutely can apply further practice walking every day on language learning.

Without talent, you will learn English like?

I think there are three factors that determine its ability to succeed in your language learning, it is time, motivation and effective learning methods.

You need to have a fund of time (however small) for learning English and maintain regularity. Need to identify targets in the use of English for work and other activities, and if it finds a suitable learning methods are proven effective and is sure you will communicate in English fluently .

Ce Phan

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