5 things you should know before learning English

Never compare your qualifications with an English person and much too long, so you'll quickly get discouraged and give up easy.

Many people believe that learning a foreign language began simply buy workbooks or register to add courses in a certain language center. In fact, there are many of you have started to learn English with a quick decision, and also to give it up very quickly after that.

Like any other social subjects, foreign languages ​​usually require students to spend a certain amount of time to study and have a clear vision on how to practice at language centers, as well as at home .

Success in English communication depends 90% on your own efforts, the remaining 10% lies in the method and the guidance of their predecessors.

In 90% of which, approximately 60- 70% is located in the observation language learning before embarking on its practice and the remaining 20-30% is the extent of your regular exercise. That's the main reason I wrote this article so that you clearer vision before starting to learn a foreign language.

Firstly, English is not your future, but it is a very useful tool for the future you towards.

English center with the slogan "Your Future Your English-" to remind people about the importance of learning English. You can also easily see the same slogan in most other major centers.

However, the biggest purpose of the reminder on, it's a marketing strategy you want to spend more time with English. Therefore, learning English will become the main activities of your day. Even more students willing to give up the job and other subjects to invest only for learning English.

I found myself in English and learning English should only be a small operation in the day because it is a tool that we can use in the future, but never English is the future of sold. So you do not get rid of the daily activities that work to learn English.

To speak English well, you need time to "saturate" slowly and by the time you have enough words, enough structure, you will naturally good up. You can still speak English with a vocabulary of its scarce, but never compare to a people who learn English for so long and so much, so fast you'll get discouraged and give up easy.

Second, please take the time to wait for inspiration to come to you to learn English. There are many students rush to register an English course any that are not really excited to start learning this language.

Maybe, you think the English language centers will inspire you during the study, even more people are learning or already proficient in English will be the inspiration that motivates you. However, the inspiration came from you enough power to motivate learning during that long-term practice.

Just have fun and to study other subjects, besides that, you should try to participate in extracurricular activities to interact and make friends with people from many places in the city, another city or even can try to meet some friends from a strange place else.

You do not need to be perfect in that first encounter. In fact, failure in communication usually makes your day enjoyable on their ability to communicate in English to your future. Or a trip away and long days in any given country are also suggestions or for you.

You can choose the least expensive destinations to try new experiences. As long as that place, you will have to use the "eyes" to learn about life, not use spoken language to learn about those things.

Let's start learning English until you see the real thing happened to me, it was the catalyst needed and at the right time to start up for this course.

tl_files/Upload-here/TIN TUC/5-dieu-ban-nen-biet-truoc-khi-hoc-tieng-anh.jpgYou should have specific plans before starting learning English.

Third, make up a specific plan and stick with it. You will hardly achieve the desired results without a plan before you start learning a foreign language. Let me emphasize that, you absolutely can create the perfect exercise plan while not know much about English.

You can apply any formula for success in the past you've been through.

If you used to be a good at math and can solve a math problems staying within 3 hours continuously, take that experience and apply the same for the English. Look for English learning materials with specific instructions and workout intensity like you used to learn math.

If you are someone who likes to play football, soccer may 2 to 3 days / week and now you're a gifted striker, then you go to practice English with a frequency of 2 to 3 days / week and 2 hours per day, while keeping it the same way you set the former football.

In short, make the experience your own success before the experience of others. Get the benchmark of the subject you had previous success as a benchmark for learning English in the future.

That is, from the time you started to learn to do math, to know the university exams, graduation exam questions how long they take the standard time period to apply for English.

However, you should always ask the question, saying, "Is there any way to train smarter not ?. If so, please apply immediately, otherwise stick to the old method.

Fourth, you make the choice for themselves the materials (books, music, flash cards, ...) suitable Internet or their predecessors is always useful channels for your reference materials you need first.

I have a small suggestion, you do not start with the material weighing too much knowledge, you will get tired because there's always known just finished it.

Selecting the simple starting materials and can be completed within 7 to 10 days to practice, so you can order your finalized began how, consider the level of progress (difference) after about that short time.

The volume of knowledge in policy will increase over your English skills. Do not rush to buy too many books just to "beautify" your bookshelf.

Finally, you must choose a specific time to finish.

You must choose the time to finish before you start learning it. Because that is the deadline so you must finish it. The end may be at high school graduation, college graduation, high school or can be within 3 or 6 months ... Of course, it must be the time needed and are highlighted in the plan's you.

Why not: "Learn, learn more, learn forever", this teaching sounds good but its side effects are also very large. You will easily go easy on yourself if you do not set yourself a time limit to complete.

I myself do not set yourself a specific deadline to finish school and graduate programs. The program is still procrastination until now, and I keep repeating the phrase "Learn, learn more, learn forever". That was indeed a major failure.


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