Misconceptions about learning English: No need to mimic the native speaker

"Why try to imitate the British accent while you never born and raised in the UK?", Saying on no less discouraging foreign language learners. However, there are also suggestions that speak like the natives were too good.

So what is the truth?

The world only a few countries are considered to speak English "standard", they create standards for English speaking: England - USA, UK - England and England - Australia. Since they are considered the norm, so if you "Proximity" with their way of saying, the ability to communicate will be more broadly, your chance of success is higher. Conversely, if you say something in English so different, your ability to communicate will be reduced significantly.

Most foreigners have its own voice, but that does not mean you have to "parody" identical. What you need to imitate the tone of words, tone, and language usage. A lot of comedians can perfectly mimic the speech of actors, politicians. Hugh Laurie's voice can tell a person whether he is American English.

So there is no reason you can not speak English with native accent like a native speaker. And to do so, you must be very good parody voice. However, if there is no mention on the special account with determination, perseverance and a little "trick" you'll do all right.

tl_files/Upload-here/TIN TUC/ngo-nhan-ve-hoc-tieng-anh-khong-can-bat-chuoc-nguoi-ban-ngu.jpgDetermination, perseverance and true methods that will help you succeed. Photo: 1080.plus

For example, you can record your voice using a computer and compared with the standard pronunciation of foreigners. "Tips" will help people begin to learn to see the difference between the two voices, and gradually improved until his voice with native varieties.

You can also track how English pronunciation through categories "video learning" environment to learn pronunciation in a natural way, such as through participation in the event with a native English Vietnam or speak standard English. Thereby, you will hear how they gradually learned to speak English and under. Over time, you will complete a natural English.

Finally, a secret that very few people know, that is as much English listening, pronunciation and speaking ability in English of the more advanced you. Especially when you know the particularities of English pronunciation, the standardized speaking natives will become much easier.

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