How good is your English pronunciation?

Not all native English speakers are yet to pronounce English - American or British - the British Standard. You need to avoid the serious errors that listeners do not understand what you're saying.

There are 3 levels of English pronunciation:

Level 1: The natives do not understand what you said. You say false negative or false accent.

Level 2: The natives can understand you to say, but must focus.

Level 3: The natives can understand you easily, your English pronunciation and fluency clear.

What is level 3?

Only 2 English common voice in the world:

- English pronunciation - USA (GenAm)

- Pronounce English - English (RP - received Pronunciation)

If you pronounce the English - American or British - Britain will easily understandable to both natives and non-natives. The reason is two-tone (accent) is widely used in television, movies and the English curriculum.

tl_files/Upload-here/TIN TUC/the-nao-la-phat-am-tieng-anh-tot.jpgQuang and your friend Emmanuel.

Another interesting fact is that not all native English speakers do (where English is the official language) are pronounced in English - American or British - UK. New to the US recovery, the same room alone with a student from Nigeria, where English is the official language. My friend was 98 points TOEFL iBT and said relatively heavy accent. He also had a bit of trouble when he came to America to adapt to pronounce British style - America.

You need to speak English - American or British - the British standard to any size?

Your English pronunciation can still understandable, even if you have little V-lish. But if your accent heavier, foreigners increasingly difficult to understand you.

Of course, not English pronunciation errors is tragic similarities. Said some English sounds slightly different than the standard pronunciation may not be a disaster. The most serious mistakes in pronunciation include:

- You try to talk too fast because he thought listening to a native variety.

- You swallowed the negative (rather like cork).

- You hit the wrong accent (Innocent instead Innocent).

Nguyen Xuan Quang

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