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Language Educational Development Company Limited - LEDC  is a leader in the field of recruitment, management and supply of quality native teachers for schools, businesses and individuals. Particularly for high volume - Secondary, we are proud to be partners offer native teachers chocac High School - Primary throughout the provinces and major cities across the country. With the process of recruitment and professional management, the Company is committed to providing the teachers and the best course to enhance the teaching quality of the company and the school.

Teacher quality

- Teachers with qualifications in teaching English (TESOL, UNIVERSITY, COLLEGE specialized pedagogical)

- Rich in experience, professional style and pedagogical skills.

Professional management

- The legal procedures of the teachers are made and guaranteed by the company.

- We implement the quality policy synchronization from teachers to the curriculum.

- Calendar teaching sorted suit the needs of each company and schools.

Efficiency Program

- The curriculum is designed to be flexible, consistent with the objectives and requirements of the company.

- Methods of teaching visually vivid and interactive.

COST: Negotiable, based on the number of hours of teaching and training venues.


For inquiries please contact:


Add: 65 Lac Long Quan, Ward 1, District 11, HCMC

Tel 0909 60 55 44/0982 00 10 24


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